The Get-WipeRequestcmdlet returns a WipeRequestobject that represents the unprocessed wipe requests for the specified managed Windows Mobile device.

If you specify a deviceId, the wipe request for that managed device, if the request exists, is returned. If you specify an owner, any existing wipe requests for all managed devices associated with that owner are returned. If you do not specify any parameters, all existing wipe requests are returned.

The Statusproperty of a WipeRequestobject has one of the following values: Pending, Failed, Expired, Retrying, and Succeeded.


Get-WipeRequest [[-DeviceId] <DeviceIdParameter[]>]

Get-WipeRequest [-Owner <OwnerIdParameter[]>]


The following describes the Get-WipeRequestcmdlet parameters.

DeviceId <DeviceIdParameter[]>

Identifies the wipe request by managed device. This parameter can be a device common name, the distinguished name, the fully qualified domain name (FQDN), or the security ID (SID).

Owner <OwnerIdParameter[]>

Identifies all managed devices for the specified owner and returns any unprocessed wipe requests for those managed devices. This parameter can be a common name, e-mail address, distinguished name, SID, or Logon ID.


This cmdlet supports the common parameters: -Verbose, -Debug, -ErrorAction, -ErrorVariable, and -OutVariable. For more information, at the Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Shell prompt, type get-help about_commonparameters.

Input Type


Output Type

The Get-WipeRequestcmdlet returns a collection of WipeRequestobjects. To see all the properties for this object, at the MDM Shell prompt, type Get-WipeRequest | Get-Member.


This Get-WipeRequestcommand example returns all outstanding wipe requests.

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This Get-WipeRequestcommand example returns the pending wipe requests for all the managed devices associated with the owner, Mikael Sandberg.

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C:\PS>Get-WipeRequest -owner "Mikael Sandberg"

This Get-WipeRequestcommand example returns all the failed wipe requests. It uses the Get-WipeRequestcmdlet to return all wipe requests. The pipeline operator (|) passes the process objects to the Where-Objectcmdlet. This selects only the objects that have Failed as the status property.

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C:\PS>Get-WipeRequest | Where-Object {$_.status -eq "Failed"}

Cmdlet Help

To view this information online, at the MDM Shell prompt, type:

get-help Get-WipeRequest -detailed, or get-help Get-WipeRequest -full

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