The following procedure describes how to remove a certificate from a managed Windows Mobile device. To remove a certificate from a managed device, you must first associate the certificate with a Group Policy object (GPO) and then indicate that you want the certificate to be revoked on the managed device(s) to which the GPO will be applied. The certificate will be revoked when the GPO is applied to the managed device(s).

Before you can install or revoke a certificate, it must be in the list of known certificates. For more information, see Importing a Certificate.

To revoke a certificate

  1. In the Group Policy Management Console, expand Group Policy Objectsand locate the target GPO.

  2. Right-click the GPO and then select Edit.

  3. In the Group Policy Object Editor, expand Windows Mobile Settings.

  4. Select Certificates.

  5. In the details pane, right-click the certificate to be revoked and then select Revoke from Device.

  6. In the Certificatesdialog box choose Yesto confirm that you want to revoke the certificate.

  7. Confirm that you made the correct selection by verifying that the Actioncolumn indicates Revoke.

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