Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Device Management Server regularly checks with MDM software distribution for newly published software packages and evaluates all managed devices against package applicability rules and approval information. MDM Device Management Server uses this information to determine which packages to apply to each device, and then creates the required Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) DM commands in the database.

When a device connects, it automatically downloads and installs the packages offered to it by MDM Device Management Server.

The following steps describe how MDM software distribution issues software packages to a managed mobile device:

  1. At a scheduled connection time, the device connects to the OMA service on MDM Device Management Server by using MDM Gateway Server. An SSL session establishes between the device and the OMA service by using an OMA DM session.

  2. MDM Device Management Server obtains the OMA DM commands for the device from the database.

  3. MDM Device Management Server offers the applicable software packages to the device.

  4. The device downloads and automatically installs the software packages.

  5. The device reports the result of the software package installation back to MDM Device Management Server.

  6. MDM Device Management Server updates the inventory information for the device in its SQL database.