Mobile Device Manager Gateway Server runs on a computer that is not a member of the enterprise domain. MDM Gateway Server manages the connectivity between managed Windows Mobile devices and the company network.

To perform the following Mobile Device Manager Gateway Central Management procedures, you must use MDM Console on MDM Device Management Server. For more information, see the following topics in Mobile Device Manager Administrator Tools Help.

Creating an IP Address Pool

Describes how to set an IP address pool remotely on MDM Gateway Server that managed Windows Mobile devices can use.

Blocking Connections Using Certificate Revocation List

Describes how to block a managed device from establishing a connection by adding the device certificate to the CRL.

Blocking a Device

Describes how to block a manageddevice from establishing a connection through MDM Gateway Server.

Unblocking a Device

Describes how to enable a blocked managed device to reestablish a connection with MDM Gateway Server.

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