Before you install Mobile Device Manager Gateway Server, follow these steps:

After installation, MDM 2008 SP1 does not support the modification of the driver and services configuration files. These XML-based files should not be changed by the administrator.

To prepare and install MDM Gateway Server

  1. On the MDM CD, on the Setupmenu, open Install, and then choose Gateway Server.

  2. The Gateway Server Setuppage appears, choose Next.

  3. Read the End-User License Agreementand then select the I accept the License Terms for Microsoft Softwarecheck box. Choose Next.

  4. On the Installation Directorypage, accept the default directory, or type a different location, and then choose Next.

  5. On the Gateway Optionspage, type the company network-facing IP address and port that you want to communicate with MDM Device Management Server. Choose Next.

    The IP address that you supply here is the company network-facing address on MDM Gateway Server. The IP address and port that you enter on this page do not validate. You must confirm that the values that you enter for both the IP address and port are correct. You must also make sure that the port you choose is open between both MDM Gateway Server and MDM Device Management Server.
  6. On the Gateway Optionspage, choose Browseto select the gateway authentication certificate.

  7. In the Certificate Pickerdialog box, select the gateway certificate that you previously installed and then choose OK.

  8. Choose Browseto select the certification authority.

  9. In the Certificate Pickerdialog box, select the certification authority certificate that you previously installed. Choose OK, and then choose Next.

    This certificate must be the root certification authority certificate, and not the certificate of an intermediate certification authority. You must select the root certification authority certificate. Otherwise, MDM Gateway Server will reject communication from the Windows Mobile device.
  10. On the Ready to Installpage, choose Install.

  11. Choose Finishto close the wizard.

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