Mobile Device Manager Device Management Server is the device management interface between management systems on the company network, such as Active Directory and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 3.0 Service Pack 1, and managed Windows Mobile devices. It enables support for policy-based configuration management, software distribution, asset management, and device wipe. Administrators can manage Windows Mobile devices in a manner similar to the way they manage portable and desktop computers within the company.

Communication between MDM Device Management Server and a managed device complies with the Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA DM) protocol. MDM Device Management Server translates device management tasks, submitted by management systems on the company network, into OMA DM commands. MDM Device Management Server sends the commands to the managed device during the next scheduled connection interval of the device. The managed device returns response messages that contain the results and any requested status information.

MDM Device Management Server also provides the services that are required to link the management infrastructure servers and services of the company to MDM Gateway Server in the perimeter network.

MDM Device Management Server has the following components.

Service name Description

MDM Administration service

Processes requests from MDM Console for the administration of MDM components.

All calls to the MDM Administration Service undergo authentication and authorization checks before administration tasks are performed.

Administration tasks include translation into OMA DM commands for the devices, changes to the configuration settings of MDM components, retrieval of inventory information about MDM components or devices from MDM databases.

MDM Device Management engine

Aggregates and runs managed device operations, such as Wipe and Software Distribution, from services.

MDM software distribution service

Manages and distributes software to managed devices.

MDM Active Directory Group Policy service

Retrieves Group Policy information from Active Directory and calculates the Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) for managed devices.

MDM Remote Wipe service

Issues remote wipe commands to delete the contents of a managed device when it is lost, stolen, or for re-provisioning purposes.

MDM Gateway Central Management (GCM)

Manages MDM Gateway Server configuration and information.

MDM Password Recovery service

Provides a recovery password that enables users to access their devices to reset the device password.