The following procedure shows you how to generate a summary report of Group Policy settings for a specific managed Windows Mobile device.

Anyone who has read access to the policies can view data that is set by Group Policy, such as wireless local area network (WLAN) passwords. Therefore, you should store exported reports that MDM Group Policy Extensions create in a secure area.

To create a Group Policy report for a device

  1. In the Group Policy Management Console, right-click Windows Mobile Group Policy Results, select Windows Mobile Group Policy Results Wizard, and then choose Next.

  2. In the Device Selectiondialog box, specify the managed device for which you want to generate a Group Policy report. You can either enter or search for the managed device name, or you can enter or search for the user name of the managed device owner. The latter option will produce a list of managed devices owned by the specified user, from which you can select the target managed device.

  3. In the Selected Devicedialog box, review the summary information to verify that you specified the correct managed device.

  4. Choose Nextto generate the report.

  5. Choose Finishto close the wizard and view the report.

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