With Mobile Device Manager Software Distribution Console, you can use Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) to distribute software to managed Windows Mobile devices. You must install WSUS on MDM Device Management Server. In addition, the computer that is running MDM Software Distribution Console must be in a domain that has a trust relationship with the WSUS server domain.

You must be a member of either the WSUS Reporters or WSUS Administrators group on the WSUS server to perform the following procedure. Being a member of the SCMDMServerAdmins group is not sufficient to perform this procedure.

To add a server to MDM Software Distribution Console

  1. In the navigation pane, right-click Software Distribution, and then select Connect to Server.

  2. In the Server namebox, type the name of the WSUS server you want to add to MDM Software Distribution Console.

  3. In the Portbox, type the port information.

  4. If the server uses SSL to connect to MDM Software Distribution Console, select the Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to connect to this servercheck box. The port number updates automatically after you select this box.

  5. Choose Connect.

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