The Set-MDMCurrentInstancecmdlet configures the current MDM Shell to manage the specified System Center Mobile Device Manager instance.

You can use MDM Shell cmdlets to manage services and devices within one MDM instance at a time. You use the Set-MDMCurrentInstancecmdlet to specify the instance that you want the current MDM Shell to manage.


Set-MDMCurrentInstance [-Identity] <MDMCurrentInstance>
[-Force] [-confirm] [-whatif] [<CommonParameters>]


The following describes the Set-MDMCurrentInstancecmdlet parameters.

Identity <MDMCurrentInstance>

Specifies an MDM instance. This parameter can be an MDMInstancename or friendly name.


Suppresses the prompt that displays when the value you specify for Identitymatches both a unique ID and the friendly name of another MDM instance.


Informs you of what changes would be made if the action were to be performed (the cmdlet is not executed).


Prompts you for confirmation before the cmdlet executes.


This cmdlet supports the common parameters: -Verbose, -Debug, -ErrorAction, -ErrorVariable, and -OutVariable. For more information, at the MDM Shell prompt, type, get-help about_commonparameters.

Input Type

The Set-MDMCurrentInstancecmdlet accepts a string through the pipeline that identifies an MDMInstanceby name or friendly name, or it accepts an object that has the property Name or FriendlyName.

Output Type



This Set-MDMCurrentInstancecommand example configures the current MDM Shell to manage the MDM instance "Contoso."

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C:\PS>Set-MDMCurrentInstance "Contoso"

Cmdlet Help

To view this information online, at the MDM Shell prompt, type:

get-help Set-MDMCurrentInstance -detailed, or get-help Set-MDMCurrentInstance -full

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