To publish updates, make sure that the system, not only the user, trusts the signature on the .cab files. If you run Mobile Device Manager Software Distribution Console console on a separate computer, follow these steps on both the computer that has the console and the computer that has Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server.

If you sign a .cab file by using certificate C, issued by a certification authority whose certificate is R, you must put certificate Rin the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store of the local computer and you must put certificate Cin the Trusted Publishers store of the local computer.

To publish the signed .cab file

  1. On the publishing computer, start the Mobile Device Manager Software Distributionconsole.

  2. In the Software Distribution console, expand < servername>, expand Packages, and then select Software Packages.

  3. In Software Packages, in the Approvalbox, select Any Except Declinedfrom the drop-down list, and then choose Refresh.

  4. From the list of software packages, right-click the signed .cab file that you want to publish, and then choose Approve.

  5. In the Approve Packagesdialog box, choose OK.

    MDM Software Distribution approves the package for publishing.

  6. In the Approval Progressdialog box, choose Close.

To verify that the .cab file was published to the device

  1. On the managed device, use File Explorer to navigate to the published .cab file.

    Note   You may need to wait for the next synchronization interval, or force a synchronization with the server, before the .cab file is published.


  2. On the managed device, choose Settings, choose System, and then choose Managed Programs.

    The Managed Programslist should display the published .cab file.

  3. Select the .cab file, and then choose Detailsto confirm the date and time of the published .cab file.

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