In Essentials, you can use the following procedure to create a folder in the Monitoring pane to store views that you have created.

To create a folder in the Monitoring pane

  1. In the Essentials console, click Monitoring.

    When you run the Essentials console on a computer that is not the Management Server, the Connect To Server dialog box displays. In the Server name text box, type the name of the Essentials management server.
  2. In the Monitoring pane, right-click Monitoring, point to New, and then click Folder.

  3. In the Create new folder dialog box, type a descriptive name in Folder Name. Next to Select the destination management pack, click the down-arrow to view a list of unsealed management packs. You can save the folder only to an unsealed management pack. Click New if you want to create a new management pack. After you select a management pack, click OK.

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