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Use this page of the Create a unit monitor wizard to configure settings for missing events. These settings specify a schedule for counting the occurrence of the defined events to determine whether there are any events that fail to occur when expected.

This page contains the elements described in the following table.

Element Description

Counting Mode

Provides a drop-down list of available counting modes, which specify a trigger that begins counting the events.

Compare Count

Provides a spin box from which you can select a number that represents the number of events that are expected to occur within the specified time period.

Based on a fixed weekly schedule

Specifies a fixed weekly schedule for counting the specified events.


Opens the Select Time Range dialog box, where you can select a time range for the fixed weekly schedule.


Opens the Select Time Range dialog box, where you can modify the fixed weekly schedule.


Removes the selected time range from the weekly schedule.

Based on a fixed simple recurring schedule

Enables you to set a schedule based on a time period that you specify.


Provides a spin box where you can select a number for the units of time that make up the period. This element also provides a drop-down list from which you can specify the unit of time that defines the period.

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