[This is prerelease documentation and is subject to change in future releases. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]

The Monitoring pane in the Essentials 2010 console enables users who track and resolve issues to quickly find the monitoring data they need so that they can act on that data. The Monitoring pane displays different aspects of monitoring data that is collected by Essentials. Each item in the Monitoring pane is either a view type or a folder that contains views. The Find, Search, and Scope buttons on the Essentials console can make it easier for users to manage that data.

For more information about the different view types available, see Views.

The views listed directly under the Monitoring node are global views that display aspects of your entire environment, such as current active alerts. The folders listed in the navigation pane are containers for views defined within a management pack. The feature folders are created when Essentials is installed. The folders that contain views from management packs are created when the management pack is imported and are named after the management packs.

You cannot delete the folders or views that are created when Essentials is installed or when management packs are imported. However, you can personalize the display of these views by using the Personalize View feature in the Action pane. Also, you can hide any of the folders by clicking Show or hide views, located just above the navigation buttons, and making your selections by clearing the appropriate check boxes in the Show or hide views window.

See the following topics in this section for detailed information about the operations you can perform from the Monitoring pane:

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