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Use this tab on the Alert Properties dialog box to view or modify the properties of the selected alert.

Some elements on this tab can be modified; others can only be viewed.

This tab contains the following elements.

Alert source

View only. Displays the name of the computer or device that generated the alert.
Alert severity

View only. Displays the severity of the alert.

View only. Displays the time that has elapsed since the alert was generated.

View or modify. Provides a space where you can enter the name of a new owner for the alert.

Opens the Select User dialog box, where you can select a user to be the new owner for the alert.
Ticket ID

View or modify. Provides a space where you can enter a new ticket ID for the alert.
Alert Description

View only. Displays the description of the alert.
Alert Status

View or modify. Contains a drop-down list of alert statuses for the alert.

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