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To manage a computer using System Center Essentials 2010, the computer must be a member of at least one computer group. A computer group is a collection of managed computers, typically one that reflects some common characteristic. In Essentials 2010, computers and devices are automatically put in groups when discovered. These computer groups are used for virtualization, software deployment, update management, monitoring, and inventory.

For more information about computer management in Essentials 2010, read the System Center Essentials 2010 Operations Guide.

In This Section

About Computers, Computer Groups and Discovery in System Center Essentials

Describes computers and devices that can be managed by Essentials.
How to Discover and Prepare Computers and Devices for Management

Explains how to discover and prepare objects for management in Essentials.
How to Create a Computer Group

Explains how to create computer groups in Essentials.
How to Stop Managing a Computer

Explains how to stop managing a computer in Essentials.
How to View Computer and Computer Groups Reports

Explains how to view reports for computers and computer groups in Essentials.

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