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Use this dialog box to run an Essentials 2007 task from the Essentials 2007 console. Running any task results in the appearance of the Task Status dialog box.

This dialog box contains the following elements.


Contains the following options:
  • Don't prompt me again: When selected, indicates that, when this task runs again, the information specified in this dialog box is reused. Selecting this option also prevents this dialog box from being displayed. If you want to change the information in this dialog box at a later time, you can right-click the task name in the Actions pane, click Run Task, and then modify the information in this dialog box.

  • Run Task: Runs the task with the target, run location, and security credentials shown in the dialog box.

  • Cancel: Cancels running the task, and closes the dialog box.

Task targets and run locations

Contains the following options:
  • Target: Lists the computers or groups that are the target of the task.

  • Run Location: Indicates which computer the task runs on.

Specify the credentials you want to run the task with

Contains the following options:
  • Use the predefined Run As Account: When selected, indicates that the Run As Action Account is used.

  • Other: Indicates that the following credentials are used to run the task:

    • User name: Displays the name of the user account that you enter.

    • Password: Displays the masked password of the user account that you enter.

    • Domain: Lists the domains trusted by the Management Server that the user account is a member of.

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