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The native format of an Operations Manager 2005 management pack is a binary file in an AKM format. This is the only format that Operations Manager 2005 management servers accept as valid for management packs. Essentials 2007 does not use the AKM format; instead, it uses same XML as the format for Operations Manager 2007 management packs.

However, System Center Essentials 2007 does not ship with the tools needed to convert a management pack. You can convert a management pack only using Operations Manager 2007.

To convert an Operations Manager 2005 AKM management pack file to XML

  1. On an Operations Manager 2005 management server, locate the original AKM file shipped by the management pack vendor.

  2. If not already installed, install the Operations Manager 2005 Resource Kit.

  3. On the Operations Manager 2005 management server, open a command prompt.

  4. Run MP2XML to convert the AKM file into the Operations Manager 2005 XML format..

  5. Close the command prompt.

To convert an Operations Manager 2005 XML management pack file into an Operations Manager 2007 management pack

  1. Copy the Operations Manager 2005 XML management pack file to a computer running Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows 2003 Server. Ensure that the computer also has Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed.

  2. Copy the MPConvert.exe file from the Operations Manager 2007 CD to the local hard disk.

  3. Open a command prompt.

  4. Run the MPConvert tool to convert the Operations Manager 2005 management pack into an Operations Manager 2007 management pack..

  5. Run the MPVerify tool to verify that the management pack was correctly converted.

  6. On an Operations Manager 2007 management server, import the converted Operations Manager 2007 management pack.

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