[This is prerelease documentation and is subject to change in future releases. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]

Use this page of the Create Task wizard to specify command line settings for the task. This page is available if you designated the task type as a command line task on the Task Type page.

You can use environment variables if you choose.

This page contains the elements on the following table.

Name Description

Full path to file

Specifies the full path to the command line application.


Specifies the alert and event variables passed to the command line application.

Arrow button

Displays a list of the properties of the object that the task is targeted. Clicking an item from the list copies the item to the Parameters box.

Working directory

Specifies the initial working directory.

Capture and display output (run synchronously)

Specifies the output behavior for the command. When selected, output is displayed.


Specifies, in seconds, when to end the response if the command runs too long.

To use the Windows command-line interpreter, prepend your command with "cmd.exe-c".

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