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You use software deployment in System Center Essentials 2010 to centrally deploy software to your managed computers. By using Essentials 2010, you can specify criteria to group the computers that require the software, deploy the software to those computers, and then review deployment status.

To assist you in software deployment, Essentials 2010 provides a single-page overview screen that provides a central point of access to all functions related to software deployment. By using the status summaries, tasks, reports, help, and other information about this overview screen, you can easily deploy software to managed computers.

This section contains the most common software deployment tasks. For more detailed information about software deployment in Essentials, read the System Center Essentials 2010 Operations Guide.

In This Section

How to Create and Deploy Software Packages

Provides steps for creating a new software deployment package when an unattended install is required.
How to Modify a Software Package

Provides steps for changing a software deployment package; for example, to change installation parameters.
How to Uninstall Deployed Software

Provides steps for uninstalling software that was previously installed on managed computers.
How to Schedule Software Deployment

Provides steps for scheduling the installation of software packages.

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