[This is prerelease documentation and is subject to change in future releases. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]

Use this page to set up Essentials 2007 to collect reports of application or operating system errors on managed computers. For example, reports of the operating system errors known as "blue screens" can indicate computers that need operating system upgrades.

For more information on setting up agentless exception monitoring (AEM), see Agentless Exception Monitoring in System Center Essentials

This page contains the options described in the following table.

Name Description

Yes, collect application errors

Allows Essentials 2007 to automatically set up the Windows Firewall exceptions listed on the page. You must be logged on with Domain Administrator or Group Policy Administrator credentials to select this option.

Error report up-load location

Specifies a folder on the Management Server in which error reports are to be stored.

Specify the port number to use when clients submit errors

Specifies an inbound port for error collection. This port should be added as a firewall exception if necessary.

No, do not collect application errors

No reports will be collected.

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