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Use the following procedure to place a monitored computer or device into maintenance mode in System Center Essentials 2010.

Because Essentials 2010 polls maintenance mode settings only once every 5 minutes, there can be a delay in scheduled removal from maintenance mode.

To put a monitored computer or device into maintenance mode

  1. In the Essentials console, click Monitoring.

  2. In the Monitoring pane, expand Monitoring, and then click Computers.

  3. In the Computers pane, right-click the computer that you want to place into maintenance mode, click Maintenance Mode, and then click Start Maintenance Mode.

  4. In the Maintenance Mode Settings dialog box, under Apply to, click The selected objects only if only the computer is to be placed into maintenance mode; otherwise, click The selected objects and all their contained objects.

  5. Select Planned if this is a planned event; otherwise, leave it cleared.

  6. In the Maintenance Category list, click the appropriate category.

  7. In Maintenance Mode duration, select and enter the Number of minutes or select and enter the Specific end time, and then click OK. A maintenance mode icon appears in the Computers pane, in the Maintenance Mode column for the computer you selected.

    The minimum value for Number of minutes is 5. The maximum value is 1,051,200 (2 years).

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