You can use Essentials 2007 to remove software that is obsolete or no longer needed in your organization. After you delete a package, you will no longer be able to deploy that software. However, the software remains on any computers on which it is already installed. To uninstall the software from managed computers, you must specifically approve it for uninstall before deleting the package.

When a Windows Installer package is deleted, it is removed from Essentials 2007 views, but the files still exist on the management server to allow you to use the Windows Installer repair capability in case it is needed by computers on which the software is installed. To remove the package files, use the wsusdebugtool.exe as described on WSUS Tools and Utilities.

To delete a package

  1. In the Essentials 2007 console, click Software.

  2. In the Software pane, expand Software Packages, and then click All Software Packages.

  3. In the Results pane, right-click the software package that you want to delete, and then click Delete.

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