To start deploying updates to managed computers, you must complete the Update Management Configuration wizard to synchronize the management server with the Microsoft Updates Web site. You should typically complete these tasks immediately after you install System Center Essentials 2007.

Several settings can affect the behavior of the update management feature in Essentials 2007. Most of those settings apply to the synchronization of the updates. For example, you can configure settings such as the type and language for the updates that you want to deploy in your organization, whether a proxy server should be used to connect to the Microsoft Updates Web site, and a synchronization schedule.

After the initial configuration of update management, you can modify any update management setting to accommodate new requirements in your organization.

To initially configure and synchronize update management

  1. The first time you run Essentials 2007, under Essential Configuration incomplete, select Required: Configure Microsoft Update settings.

  2. Complete the Update Management Configuration Wizard. On the Summary page, choose the Synchronize updates when this wizard closes option.

  3. Finish the wizard.

To subsequently configure update management using the Update Management Configuration Wizard

  1. In the Essentials 2007 console, click the Updates navigation button.

  2. In the Updates Overview screen, select Configure Microsoft Update settings in the Actions section.

  3. Use the Update Management Configuration Wizard to update settings and complete the wizard.

    The wizard contains a synchronization page that performs synchronization. The synchronization must complete before you can continue updating settings.

To subsequently configure individual settings of update management

  1. In the Essentials 2007 console, click the Administration button.

  2. Select Settings by either expanding Administration in the Administration navigation pane or by selecting Go to Settings in the Settings section in the Administration Overview screen.

  3. In the Settings pane, in the Type: Update Management section, double-click any update management item that you want to configure.

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