The topics in this section can help you get started with Essentials 2007.

In This Section

About System Center Essentials

Describes Essentials 2007.
Configuration of System Center Essentials

Describes the initial configuration of Essentials 2007, which must be completed before you can use it to manage computers.
How to Purchase Additional Licenses for Managed Objects

Explains how to purchase additional licenses for object management.
How to Configure System Center Essentials to Support the Managed Services Provider

Explains how to set up Essentials 2007 to support remote use by a managed services provider (MSP).
Troubleshooting Your Initial Configuration

Explains some troubleshooting tips for common problems and provides links to up-to-date online troubleshooting information.
How to Back Up and Restore System Center Essentials

Explains where to find the important Essentials 2007 data and how to restore in installation.

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