In System Center Essentials, you can configure automatic approval for updates that are critical to your organization. You can choose the types of updates that you want to configure with automatic approval, and the computer group to which those updates are deployed.

When synchronizing updates, new updates that are configured with automatic approval are automatically approved and deployed to the specified computer group without any further intervention.

To configure automatic approval

  1. In the Essentials 2007 console, click the Administration button.

  2. Expand Administration in the Administration pane, and select Settings.

  3. In the Settings pane, expand Type: Update Management and double-click Auto Approvals.

  4. In the Auto-Approvals dialog box, click the Approvals tab.

  5. Select each updates category that you want to configure with automatic approval.

  6. Select the computer group to which the specified updates should be automatically approved and deployed.

  7. Click OK.

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