Use the following procedures to view updates in the System Center Essentials 2007 console.

To view update lists

  1. In the Essentials 2007 console, click Updates.

  2. In the Updates pane, expand Updates to list all categories of available updates.

  3. Select a category of updates to expand. The Results pane displays all updates of the category that you selected.

To view declined updates

  1. In the Essentials 2007 console, click Updates.

  2. Create a new view by right-clicking Updates in the Updates pane, and then clicking New View, or by clicking the Create new view option in the Updates pane.

  3. In the Create New Updates View dialog box, enter the required information, and then in the View all updates list, select with a specific 'Approval' attribute.

  4. In the Criteria description box, click Any Updates, and then select Declined.

  5. Click OK. The new Declined Updates view is now listed in the Updates pane and when selected, displays all declined updates.

To view properties of an update

  1. In the Results pane, select an update.

  2. Display the properties of the selected update by right-clicking the update and then clicking Properties, or by clicking the Properties toolbar button.

  3. View the properties in <update> Properties.

To filter the list of updates

  1. When viewing a list of updates in the Results pane, type the text string on which you want to filter in the Look For box.

  2. Click Find Now, and the Results pane displays only the updates with names that match your search criteria.

  3. Click Clear to disable the filter and display the complete list of updates.

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