During a discovery operation, if the number of discovered computers exceeds the number of managed computers for which you have client licenses, Essentials 2007 displays an alert that informs you that Essentials 2007 has exceeded the maximum number of client computers it can manage. The excess computers appear in the Pending Management view of the Administration pane in a management state of "License Pending."

Essentials 2007 is initially restricted to 50 client licenses and 30 server licenses. When this limit is reached, you can use the following procedure to purchase add-on packs to extend the number of licenses. Add-on packs can extend Essentials 2007 up to a maximum of 500 clients and 30 servers. When the maximums are reached, no additional add-on packs can be purchased. The add-on packs come in a number of sizes:

To add additional client licenses

  1. Close System Center Essentials.

  2. Click Start, click Programs, click System Center Essentials 2007, and then click System Center Essentials Licensing Wizard to start the Licensing wizard.

  3. Follow the instructions to purchase additional client licenses.

  4. After completing the wizard, start Essentials 2007. You can now manage the computers that were previously in the License Pending state by approving them in the Pending Management view in the Administration pane.

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