The System Center Essentials 2007 Reporting feature provides you with predefined reports. To view and run those reports, you need to access the Reporting Overview pane by clicking Reporting in the Essentials 2007 console. This overview screen lists common reports that can help you in your daily work.

You can access additional predefined reports from other overview screens. For example, if you select Updates in the Essentials 2007 console, the Updates Overview pane contains links to all reports that are related to Update Management.

If you did not run the Discovery Wizard to discover computers or did not run the Update Management Configuration wizard to configure Update Management, you will not be able to run reports. In this case, the Reporting Overview pane displays a notice stating that essential configuration is incomplete. You must complete the listed tasks before you can run reports.

The Daily Health Report

The Daily Health Report is a health summary report that System Center Essentials produces automatically every day and sends through e-mail to the Essentials 2007 administrator. The Essentials 2007 administrator can then review the information conveniently while reading e-mail.

The Daily Health Report contains summary information about inventory, software, updates, monitoring data, and key actions that you need to complete.

Management Pack Reports

If you import a Management Pack that contains reports, Essentials 2007 lists those reports along the existing predefined reports. You can then run those reports as needed.

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