Essentials 2007 integrates reporting capability into the Essentials 2007 console by adding a Reporting area that you can access from console navigation pane. Security for reporting is integrated with Essentials 2007 security.


Reports in Essentials 2007 can be either targeted or generic.

All reports are shipped in Management Packs. If the object is monitored by a specific Management Pack that provides additional reports, selected reports are displayed in the Actions pane.

Targeted Reports

Targeted reports are run with parameters based on the console context at the time the report is run. Therefore, you do not need to search or enter the default parameters that are used by the report. Targeted reports are available in the Actions pane associated with the views within the monitoring section; for example, Alert View and State View.

Generic Reports

Generic reports are reports run from the Reporting pane without context from the console. For example, an Availability report that needs the user to enter a monitored object to run the report against is a generic report. You would need to manually select parameters to run these reports.

Reporting Pane

The reporting pane is where reports are always available and is accessed from the Reporting button in the navigation pane. These reports include a report library and authored reports. The report library contains generic reports. Reports launched from here have no pre-specified context. The context for the report is defined in the smart parameter header, located at the top of the Report window.

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