Use the Custom Warning tab to create more detailed warning conditions than you can create by using the Request Details pane in the Web Application Editor. When the criteria you set become true, the associated monitor will change to a Yellow status. For more information about the Request Details pane, see How To Set Health Criteria for a Request in System Center Essentials.

The Custom Warning tab contains the following elements:

Enable the custom Warning criteria

Enables the custom Warning criteria you create on this dialog box.

Specifies what type of expression you want to create.
  • Expression is a simple comparison.

  • And Group enables you to create two expressions where both be met for the expression to be true.

  • Or Group enables you to create two expressions where either expression can be met for the whole expression to be true.


Deletes an expression.

Opens a formula editor where you can type the expression. If you have already created part of an expression by using Insert, the editor will display that expression formatted as an expression. This can give you an example to use to help in determining how to add to the expression.

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