Supporting the management of workgroup-joined computers requires additional configuration on the Essentials 2007 management server, as well as additional preparation on the managed computers. For more information about preparing the management server, see How to Prepare the Management Server to Manage Workgroup-joined Computers in Essentials 2007.

On the computer on which you want to install the agent, ensure that you can successfully resolve the FQDN of the Essentials 2007 management server, and that connectivity using TCP 5721 is available between the workgroup-joined computer and the Essentials 2007 management server.

To install the agents and configure the workgroup-joined computer

  1. From the Essentials 2007 SP1 setup media, start SetupSCE.exe.

  2. Click Agent to install an agent.

  3. In the Agent Setup Wizard, select the Specify Management Group Information check box.

  4. On the Management Group Configuration page, specify the following:

    • In Management Group Name, enter Management Server netbios name_MG.

    • In Management Server Name box, enter the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the Essentials 2007 management server.

  5. Select Local System for the agent action account.

  6. Complete the Agent Setup Wizard.

  7. Copy the following certificates from the Essentials_2007_folder\Certificates folder of the Essentials 2007 management server to the agent_installation_folder\Certificates folder on the local computer:

    • WSUSSSLCert.cer

    • WSUSCodeSigningCert.cer

  8. Run the following utility, specifying the same settings submitted to the Feature Configuration Wizard on the Essentials 2007 management server (brackets indicate placeholders where you must supply a value):

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    [InstallDirectory]\SCECertPolicyConfigUtil.exe /PolicyType local /ManagementGroup [Essentials Management Server netbios name]_MG /SCEServer SCEServer.FQDN /AEMFileShare \\SCESERVER.FQDN\[AEMPATH] /AEMPort [port] /ConfigureRemoteControl [true/false] /ConfigureAEM [true/false] 
  9. Import the certification authority (CA) certificate into the Trusted Root Certification Authority store on the workgroup-joined computer using the steps described in How to Import a CA Certificate.

  10. Obtain a certificate for the workgroup-joined computer in PFX format. This certificate must be issued against the same certification authority as the certificate used on the Essentials 2007 management server. Import the certificate on the workgroup-joined computer using the steps described in How to Import Certificates in Essentials 2007.

  11. Approve the manually installed computer in the Pending Actions view in the Administration pane of the Essentials 2007 console.

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