The topics in this section describe deployment issues and provide guidelines for deploying Essentials 2007.

In This Section

About System Center Essentials Deployment

Describes the basics of Essentials 2007 deployment, including an overview of the deployment process and deployment requirements.
System Requirements and Supported Platforms for System Center Essentials

Contains detailed hardware and software requirements for deploying Essentials 2007.
Supported Deployment Topologies in System Center Essentials

Describes the system topologies that are supported for Essentials 2007 deployment.
How to Install the System Center Essentials Management Server

Explains how to install the server components on a designated computer, which will be used as the Essentials 2007 Management Server.
How to Change Windows Firewall Exceptions for System Center Essentials

Describes how to change firewall exceptions on the Management Server and on managed computers.
How to Install a Remote System Center Essentials Console

Explains how to install a stand-alone System Center Essentials console to remotely control Essentials 2007 management functions.
How to Uninstall System Center Essentials

Explains how to properly uninstall any Essentials 2007 components.
How to Configure a Manually Installed System Center Essentials Agent

Explains the additional steps necessary after manually installing an Essentials 2007agent.
How to Use a Command Line to Install and Uninstall System Center Essentials

Explains the command line switches and provides examples of their use.
How to Configure an ISA Server 2004 Firewall on Small Business Server for System Center Essentials

Explains how to set up the firewall in ISA Server 2004 to support the Essentials 2007 Management Server on a computer running Microsoft Small Business Server.