Agentless Exception Monitoring (AEM) is a component of the Monitoring feature in Essentials 2007. AEM enables you to monitor operating systems and applications for errors within your organization. By default, when a Microsoft application encounters a severe error, it creates a report that can be sent to Microsoft to consolidate data that can lead to a reduction in errors. Using AEM, you can direct these reports to an Essentials 2007 Management Server. Essentials 2007 can then provide detailed views and reports on this consolidated error data. Using this data, you can determine how often an operating system or application experiences an error and the number of affected computers and users.

AEM Views

By default, the following views display AEM data in the Monitoring area of the Essentials 2007 console:

Application Error Events

An event view that lists the application error reports generated by severe application or operating system failures.
Application View

A state view that lists applications that have failures.
Crash Listener View

A state view that lists the computers that are listening for failures that occur on other computers or applications.
Error Group View

A state view that lists application errors by error group.
System Crash View

A state view that lists the computers that have an operating system failure.

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