Use this page to specify the settings for the proxy server that the Management Server will use to connect to the Internet, if one is required.

This page contains the options described in the following table.

Name Description

Would you like to use a proxy server when connecting to the Internet?

Enables you to choose whether to use a proxy server, if your network requires you to use one.

Server name

Provides a drop-down list from which you can choose the prefix of the URL for the proxy server and provides a text box in which you enter that URL.

Port number

Provides a text box in which you enter the port number for the proxy server.

User name

Enables you to enter the name of the user account.


Enables you to enter the password for the user account.


The domain that contains the user account.


Synchronizes Essentials 2007 with Microsoft Update to download current information on update availability.

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