Use this page of the Operations Manager Model Wizard to add remotely managed sites and specify information about the agent-monitored computers they contain.

When you navigate to other pages in the Model Wizard you should do so using Back and Next buttons. Otherwise, results on the Model Summary page might not update.

The following elements appear on the Remote Sites page of the Operations Manager Model Wizard.

Add Remote Site Profile

Opens the New Remote Site action dialog where you specify information about the sites, number of their agent-managed computers, and percentage of agents in the sites. When values greater than zero are present for a management pack, a client profile for the management pack is created when the wizard finishes. You can indicate whether a SAN is used by the site to store data by using the Use SAN option. You can also choose whether Use Business Critical Monitoring for Windows Desktops is enabled to monitor desktop computers in a manner that is similar to servers to ensure health and availability.
Customize Usage Profiles

Opens the Customize Usage Profiles action dialog where you specify information about the Operations Manager server and client usage template, collectively called the usage profile. A server template defines how information is retained in the Operations Manager database. It also defines how much information is filtered by the ASC collector. A client template defines how much information is typically sent from all agent-managed-computers. The usage profiles represent the main site and all remote sites in the capacity model.

Returns you to the Management Group page.

Displays the Networks page.

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