Use the Model Summary page of the MOSS Model Wizard to view the results suggested by Capacity Planner and based upon the input you provided in the wizard.

If you navigate to other pages in the Model Wizard, you should do so using the Back and Next buttons. Otherwise, results on the Model Summary page might not update.

The following elements appear on the Model Summary page of the MOSS Model Wizard.

Copy to clipboard

Copies the information displayed on this page to the clipboard. You can paste the contents of the clipboard in other applications.

Displays the number of farms in the capacity model.
Farm: <FarmName>

For each farm, displays the number of users, number of servers, hardware details, and software roles for each server.

Click to navigate to the Application page.

Click to navigate to the Model Editor.
Before you click Finish, make sure that you have configured your SharePoint (MOSS) farm and your branch office profiles to your satisfaction. Some of the configuration options are not available in the Model Editor.

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