By reviewing the Capacity Planner Simulation Results pages, you can easily determine which servers in your capacity model are creating a bottleneck.

The threshold indicator icons on the Results Summary page show you which areas you need to look at more closely. For example, if a threshold indicator is red or yellow, you should look at the resource list it applies to first. The resource that has the highest utilization appears at the top of the list. Every resource in the list is preceded by the server name.

The Bottleneck analysis bar chart on the Results Summary page is also a useful indicator of hardware or network resources that are over-utilized. You can determine which bars on the chart exceed the threshold values you have set for devices on the Update settings page. You can hold the mouse pointer over a bar to determine which site, server, and device the bar corresponds to.

If you think you might have resources that are under-utilized or over-utilized or if you think transactions have unacceptably high latency, see Over-Utilized Resources and High-Latency Transactions.

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