Use this Model Editor action dialog to edit a client profile for the selected site to define how client applications for a group of computers interact with one or more server components.

The following elements appear in the Edit client profile action dialog.


Enter a name for the client profile.

Enter the number of users to add to this client profile.
Select Usage profile

Select the usage profile to apply to this client profile. Long profile names may appear truncated. You can modify or create new client usage profiles with the Edit Usage Profile Action Dialog.

Select the client components that this group of clients has available. Depending on your selection, Role and Service configuration items associated with the component might appear.

Lists the roles that the selected client component can perform. If roles are shown, you must choose the one that applies to the group of clients.
Service configuration

Displays the server component that hosts the client component and role, if available. If multiple servers can support the client component, select the server name that the client component uses.
Connect clients to local networks

  • Network: Select the network that clients in this profile connect to.

  • Bandwidth: Select the bandwidth type available to clients in this profile.

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