In the Model Editor you can modify default profiles with the Edit Usage Profile action in the Model Editor. When you directly modify a default profile, all clients or servers in the capacity model that use the default profile that you edit are affected. However, you can copy a default profile template to create a new profile and then apply the profile to either a discrete group of client computers with the Edit Client Profile action in the Model Editor or to an individual server computer when you use the Edit server role action.

For a list of other tasks you can perform with the Capacity Planner Model Editor, see Capacity Planner Model Editor.

To edit a Model Editor usage profile

  1. Navigate to the Global Topology view.

  2. In the General Actions pane, click Edit Usage Profile.

  3. Click either Server templates or Client templates.

  4. You can optionally copy a profile and rename the copy or delete the copy, if desired.

  5. In the Select Usage Profile list, click a usage profile and modify the profile characteristics as needed. Long profile names may appear truncated.

  6. Click OK to apply the usage profile to the capacity model.

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