System Center Capacity Planner can help you discover over-utilized resources in your capacity model. Resource utilization is measured against values that you specify for resource types on the threshold Update settings page of Simulation Results. For more information, see Simulation Results - Thresholds.

When over-utilization occurs in your model, you can use the Capacity Planner Model Editor to apply the following solutions:

When a more exhaustive solution is required, you can use Capacity Planner to reorganize your entire capacity model. This might include making significant changes, such as moving hardware from one site to another and by moving or sharing application roles.

For example, assume your infrastructure consists of a central site with a remote office and both are connected by a single WAN connection. Now suppose you have recently added many new client computers to the remote office, causing the WAN to become over-utilized. The increase of network traffic along the WAN link causes over-utilization because your new clients must communicate with the domain controller in the central site using the WAN. You can easily discover the increased utilization of the WAN link by viewing the Utilization of WAN links Simulation Results page.

In the preceding scenario, you can now use the Capacity Planner Model Editor to adjust your capacity model by adding a domain controller to the client location to help reduce network traffic that uses the WAN link. Alternatively, if you have an under-utilized server at the central site, you can move it to the remote office.

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