Use this page of the Exchange Model Wizard to add client-only sites and specify information about the Exchange clients they contain.

When you navigate to other pages in the Model Wizard you should do so using Back and Next buttons. Otherwise, results on the Model Summary page might not update.

The following elements appear on the Client-Only Sites page of the Exchange Model Wizard.

Add Client-Only Site Profile

Opens the Add a New Site Action Dialog where you specify information about the client-only site including the number of its local clients, the number of client-only sites to create, whether ActiveSync devices are used, whether the site is a standby datacenter, Inbox quota, and percentage of Exchange client types in each site.
Customize Usage Profiles

Opens the Customize Usage Profiles - Exchange action dialog where you specify usage profiles for servers and clients.

Click to navigate to the Mailbox Sites page.

Click to navigate to the Networks page.

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