Use this Model Editor action dialog to edit a SAN.

By using the Capacity Planner Hardware Editor, you can modify a SAN disk configuration to add, remove, or modify the number of disks or to use a different disk configuration. For more information about tasks you can perform in Hardware Editor, see Capacity Planner Hardware Editor.

The following elements appear in the Edit SAN action dialog.

SAN Name

Enter the name of the SAN.
New Configuration

If needed, select a SAN disk configuration to apply.
Configuration Details

Displays the disks included in the SAN disk configuration.
Connected to SAN Switches

If you have previously defined any SAN switches, they appear in a list. When listed, you can select one to connect the SAN to.
Interconnect to SAN Switch <SANSwitchName>

  • Interconnect Speed: Select the speed of the SAN interconnect.

  • Interconnect Count: Enter the number of SAN interconnects.

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