Use this Model Editor action dialog to choose an existing hardware configuration for the selected server.

You can use the Capacity Planner Hardware Editor to modify a hardware configuration to add, remove, or modify the number of disks or to use a different disk configuration. For more information about Hardware Editor tasks, see Capacity Planner Hardware Editor.

When you modify a server hardware configuration that is used by servers in the capacity model, all disks in the hardware configuration become unmapped. Ensure that you map all disks to server roles. For information about how to perform this task, see How to Edit a Server Hardware Configuration or a Server Role in the Model Editor.

The following elements appear in the Edit server hardware configuration action dialog.

Server Name

Enter the name of the server.
Memory Size (GB)

Select the amount of RAM in the server. Some server roles have minimum RAM requirements.
Apply New Configuration

Select a computer configuration. If an appropriate computer configuration does not already exist, you must first add one. For more information, see How to Add a Computer Configuration in the Hardware Editor.
Only 64-bit systems

Select to filter the computer configurations that have a 64-bit processor. Some server roles require a 64-bit processor.
Configuration Details

  • Processor: Displays the number of processors, speed, and name brand of the processors in the computer configuration.

  • Disk: Displays the volumes, number of disks per volume, speed, size, and RAID level of the disks in the computer configuration.

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