Capacity Planner 2007 offers new and significantly enhanced features. This topic provides a quick overview of what's new in this release.

Support for Exchange Server 2007

The Capacity Planner model for Exchange Server 2007 includes support for the following clustering and redundancy features present in Exchange Server:

  • Single copy clustering (SCC)

  • Cluster continuous replication (CCR)

  • Local continuous replication (LCR)

  • Standby continuous replication (SCR)

Capacity Planner predicts the utilization of all processors, disks, network links, and the latencies of transactions involved with these features.

Revised Model Wizard

The Model Wizard is updated for Exchange Server 2007 features such as clustering, redundancy, and additional server and client roles.

Support for 64-Bit Processors

Capacity Planner includes hardware definitions for various 64-bit processors. Most Exchange Server 2007 server components require 64-bit processors. For other server components, you can specify the type of processor used on the server that hosts a component. Using Capacity Planner, you can define 64-bit processors for those not already present.

Hardware Editor Changes

Using the Hardware Editor, changes you make to a computer configuration present in a capacity model are also applied in the Model Editor.

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