The System Center Capacity Planner simulation result pages provide information about how heavily hardware resources, software components, and network connections are used, based on percentage of utilization or length of time. You use these pages to determine whether devices are adequately utilized, over-utilized, or under-utilized and also to determine whether transactions are completing in a timely manner.

If you think you might have resources that are under-utilized or over-utilized or if you think transactions have unacceptably high latency, see Over-Utilized Resources and High-Latency Transactions.

The Results Summary page, which appears after you click Run Simulation on the Model Editor toolbar, provides an overview of statistics about the capacity model and a way to help you locate the result details. The results summary also provides links to common questions and tasks. The utilization results pages show how capacity model resources, software components, and connections are used. Latency results pages explain how long it takes for application transactions to complete. For more information about the latency results pages, see Simulation Results Reference Topics.

After you have run a simulation, you can also export two types of results of the simulation to Excel.

Exported Excel Summary Report

The exported Excel Summary Report is a workbook that includes some of the data found on Simulation Results pages in Capacity Planner. Using the Excel workbook, you can share information about the capacity model with others and you can update the workbook outside of Capacity Planner. For example, you can add cost information about each server in the capacity model. This report contains the following tabs:

  • Summary

  • Device Utilizations

  • Transaction Latencies

  • WAN Utilizations

Exported Excel Detail Report

The exported Excel Detail Report is a workbook that includes most of the data found on Simulation Results pages in Capacity Planner. This report contains all of the tabs found in the exported Excel Summary Report and it also has the following tabs:

  • Device Utilization by Role

  • Transaction Latencies by Origin

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