At this stage of the Exchange Server 2007 scenario for System Center Capacity Planner 2007, you add Exchange Server clients to a site. You can repeat this step when you need to add additional client profiles that uniquely identify a group of users with similar resources.

To create Exchange Server clients
  1. In the Model Editor, open the site that you want to add Exchange Server clients to.

  2. Click Add a client profile.

  3. Enter a client profile name in the Name box and the number of users in the Count box.

  4. In the Select usage profile list, select the client usage profile that most closely describes the amount of information that is sent to and from an Exchange Server client.

    If the available client profiles do not accurately represent how users use their Exchange Server client, you can use the Edit Usage Profile task to define a new usage profile client template.

  5. In the Component list, click the type of Exchange client that users of the profile use, and then click the SiteName\ServerName to associate the component to the Mailbox server.

  6. Select the Network the clients use to connect to Exchange Server with, and then select the Bandwidth that the clients have.

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