In the Hardware Editor, if you modify a computer configuration or storage area network (SAN) device configuration that is being used by an active capacity model, the hardware configuration change that you make is applied to the corresponding item that is being used in the capacity model. A hardware configuration that a capacity model is using can appear in the following formats:

You can view the changes you make in the Model Editor. The benefit of using this method of modifying hardware is that you can use the Hardware Editor list view to easily make changes to hardware that is being used. Configurations that are in use are either locked or unlocked. A locked icon indicates that the configuration is a default computer system configuration and cannot be changed. When unlocked, the computer system configuration is not used in the Model Editor and can be changed. A model icon indicates that the computer is used in a configuration that you can modify. If you assign a configuration to a server, a copy of the configuration is made to the server list with the name SiteName\ServerName format, which has a model icon next to it.

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