At this stage of the System Center Capacity Planner 2007 modeling scenario, you have to define a computer configuration. You must first define the devices that make up the computer configuration. To define a device configuration, navigate to the Device Configurations page in the Capacity Planner Hardware Editor. You can define the properties of the following device types:

After you add a device configuration for each type of device, you are ready to define a computer configuration that is based on the new device configurations.

In the Hardware Editor, if you modify a computer configuration or a storage area network (SAN) device configuration that is being used by an active capacity model, the hardware configuration change that you make is applied to the corresponding item that is being used in the capacity model. A hardware configuration that a capacity model is using can appear in the following formats:

You can view the changes you make in the Model Editor. The benefit of using this method of modifying hardware is that you can use the Hardware Editor list view to easily make changes to hardware that is being used.

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