In this end-to-end Exchange Server 2007 usage scenario for System Center Capacity Planner 2007, Woodgrove National Bank is considering replacing its current e-mail infrastructure with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. You are the messaging administrator at Woodgrove National Bank who has been charged with planning a possible Exchange Server 2007 migration.

In this Capacity Planner scenario for deploying Exchange Server 2007, you use all the features of Capacity Planner to model the hardware, software, and network infrastructure. Using a portfolio of capacity models to simulate multiple infrastructure deployments, you present the results to your management, seeking purchase authorization for the necessary hardware and software needed for the deployment.

You need to create multiple infrastructure deployment models because there might be a variety of issues that you might want to consider. For example, your company, Woodgrove National Bank, is interested in all of the following results and goals:

Based on the preceding factors, you perform a number of tasks to model deployments of Exchange Server 2007 infrastructures, as shown in the following diagram.

From the set of capacity models that you produce, you review the results to build a compelling business case that justifies recommended hardware purchases to support the single-most preferred capacity model. You recommend using the capacity model that best achieves the results required by Woodgrove National Bank.

Before you begin deployment planning, you should follow the steps listed in Step by Step for Pre-Deployment Sizing. The following topics of this section describe how to complete deployment planning tasks.