Before you use System Center Capacity Planner 2007 to model an Exchange Server 2007 deployment, you should gather as much information about the deployment as possible. The more information you gather, the more accurate the resulting capacity model. Yet, depending on the level of detail that you need, it might be useful to use Capacity Planner even with only partial information.

 Information in this guide and its scenarios does not address product availability or recommended hardware best practices that are suggested by Microsoft. For additional information about Exchange Server 2007 architecture deployment best practices, see the Exchange 2007 Planning and Architecture Web page on TechNet (

After you gather information about your proposed Exchange Server 2007 deployment, you use the Capacity Planner Model Wizard to enter basic information about the deployment. The Model Wizard creates a capacity model that recommends a deployment architecture, which is not complete or ready to deploy—it is simply a recommendation by Capacity Planner for you to consider. You then add infrastructure details about your proposed deployment in the Capacity Planner Model Editor you can fine-tune the architecture in the Model Editor.

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